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Cumbernauld town centre at its stunning best!

That’s Kirkland Ciccone‘s response to this great Bookwitch review of his new YA novel North of Porter.

Has the Bookwitch got Kirkland sussed? For, like her, we’ve seen Kirkland carrying just the sort of D&G bag that protagonist Porter Minter cherishes. Though we haven’t seen Kirkland doing so since he finished writing the book. Was he merely practising method writing like actors practise method acting?

Bookwitch’s ‘en-suite’ comment raised an office chortle. Will she be barred from Cumbernauld and thus denied the pleasures of Cumbernauld Museum? (Is that was she’s hoping for?!)

Kirkland has risked a similar punishment/reward [delete as you think appropriate] as this appears on page 2 of his book:

‘The little town of Castlekrankie looked like Germany after the blitz, Hiroshima after the bomb; or worse…Cumbernauld one minute after it was built.’

Hee hee!

Still, if they both get barred they can go on a picnic, and Kirkland can carry lunch in Kurt Cobain if he hasn’t got his D&G. Sandwitches, presumably…


Best buds: Kurt & Kirkland