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Fortunately we didn’t need to. But when we spotted Talisman author Paul Murdoch heading for Waterstones in East Kilbride, we nabbed him and ‘persuaded’ him to sign a few copies for us. The ‘persuaders’ fled their seats before they could be captured on film, but we caught brief sight of one of them as he made a break for it. He’s on the right and that’s Paul on the left – hopefully you’d guessed that already!

WP_20150820_002 - Copy Sleven only

For those particularly quick off the mark, you may find one or two (no more than that now) 1st-edition signed copies on (logically enough) the ‘Signed copies’ shelves in Edinburgh International Book Festival’s Children’s Bookshop, as Paul was there just the other day. Or else on the Strident panel near the signing desks.