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The downside of being a traffic reporter must be that you lose the ability to use ‘I was delayed in traffic’ as an excuse for turning up late.

But hopefully a short hop to Glasgow’s Mitchell Library from nearby BBC Scotland HQ will be straightforward for Beechgrove Potting Shed host and traffic presenter Theresa Talbot when she appears at the Aye Write book festival in mid April. She’ll be talking about her memoir This Is What I Look Like, but might she also have some exciting news to break to the audience…? We can say no more.

Theresa Talbot

Theresa Talbot


Highlights have just been announced by programme director Bob McDevitt. Other stars include Irvine Welsh, Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorn and Alexander McCall Smith. Here’s a link to The Herald‘s coverage of the announcement.

Event dates and times will be revealed in March.