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Why ‘Revolution(s)’? Because what we call the Russian Revolution was really 2 revolutions: one first short-lived, the second the Bolsheviks coming to power.

BBC TV’s Newsnight ran a feature on the Russian Revolution (we’ll stick with the singular now!) on 20 Feb 2017. So we thought we’d join in and provide you with this extract from the memoir of the last Grand Duchess of Russia. (It’s a link to the website run by Publishing Scotland.) Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna was the younger sister of the ill-fated Tsar Nicholas II. (Infamously, the Tsar, along with his wife and children, was murdered by the Bolsheviks.)

The extract is an account of the outbreak of the February Revolution. The centenary of the February revolution is being marked on 8 March. Why the discrepancy? The introduction to the extract explains all…

25 Chapters of My Life – The Memoirs of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, the Last Grand Duchess of Russia is a wonderfully readable account of her life and on the upheavals that so impacted Russia and its people. As with all our books, available from all good bookshops and through It is available in print and ebook formats.