…as Cat Stevens wrote* and Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and others sang.

Craig McIntyre’s cuts are deep. They run to the core of his being, and the scars are showing few signs of healing.


Others seem to understand him better than he understands himself. And they see a use for him when what Craig really wants is inner peace.

Of course, you can’t always get what you want. (But you can try.) The Rolling Stones told us that**. Is Craig about to find that they’re right?

(*1967 in case you’re interested.)
(** 1969 release. No Charlie Watts – their then producer, Jimmy Miller, played drums instead.)

Deepest Wounds – book 3 in Gordon’s Brown‘s acclaimed Craig McIntyre conspiracy-thriller series – is out now.

Whereas order may be in short supply in Craig’s life, we recommend you bring this order to yours:

1: Darkest Thoughts
2: Furthest Reaches
3: Deepest Wounds