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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be publishing this gem in October.

The Almost Animals by Hugh Holman tells the tale of Angle the crocogator’s search for acceptance in Elsewhere. (Angle is the green one on the top ledge, under the WELCOME TO NOWHERE sign.)

We adore this book. It’s quirky, uplifting and poignant, with that underdog-deifies-the-odds cleverness of The Gruffalo. Meet a snortoise (bottom right ledge), relax in The Always Pool and journey from Nowhere to Elsewhere. Genius.

It’s aimed at reading ages 7-10 but is also perfect for ‘reading to’ ages 5+.

A quick word on the author… Hugh hails from a place with the brilliant name of The Shoe…and it’s just possible that you’ll have seen him in Dr Who. Nice rhyming!