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This just in from a young reviewer named Buddy. He’s been lucky enough to have had early sight of Talisman by Paul Murdoch, the 1st book in the Peck Chronicles series.

‘Oh my gosh that was the best book ever! When is the next book out???

My favourite part was when Craig [ah, sorry, we don’t want to spoil it for you] and it said that the story will continue in the next book! It just made my want to read it all over again…

…which is what I did!

…I got really tense because I was so exited!!! If any one was thinking of reading this book I would very very very very very strongly recommend it to them. Oh, and if there’s anyone one who hasn’t heard of this book…

…you have to read it!!!!


Thanks, Buddy. We can’t help wondering if your ‘name was always Buddy’ (which seems likely) and if it comes from David Bowie’s Drive in Saturday (which seems less likely, and we’re just showing our age, but any excuse to listen to the stupendously good Ziggy Stardust album in the office is a good excuse!).

You asked when book 2 in the series will be out. It won’t be long and it will be called…[perform your own drum roll]…Citadel.

Oh, and the beast in the picture is Sleven. We don’t recommend inviting him to dinner. Terrible manners.