At present we are only accepting submissions for the following:

  • Illustrated children’s fiction for ages 5-8. We are particularly keen on humorous stories. (We usually commission illustrators separately, but we will consider self-illustrated work.)
  • Shorter fiction for ages 7-10. This can be illustrated or non-illustrated. By ‘shorter’ we mean typically 15k-40k words.
  • Mid-length fiction for ages 8-12. Any genre. We love humour, jeopardy, excitement and anything thought-provoking. Twee and traditional is not our cup of tea.
We do NOT accept submissions for:
  • non-fiction
  • poetry
  • short stories (unless in a clearly themed collection)
  • pre-school picture books

How to submit

Please do NOT send us your manuscript in the first instance. Instead, email us at setting out:

  • what you have written
  • the age range it is aimed at
  • why you think it will stand out from the crowd
  • what it could be compared to
  • your version of the blurb (very important to us)
  • the approximate word count
  • anything about you that could be relevant to marketing the book.

We’ll then respond as quickly as possible letting you know if we would like to read your manuscript.


We always have a LOT to read and, whilst we read everything as quickly as possible, it is likely to take us at least 3 months to get back to you. So please bear with us.