Where’s The Nurse?

Where’s The Nurse? is an entertaining, warm and true story of a long nursing career. Margaret Stewart began training in Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1960 and her story follows the ups and downs of life nursing in Glasgow and Aberdeen. The author tells of patients; old Mr Hickey who sharpens the blade of his cut-throat…

Genre: Autobiography, Librario, Medicine, Non-fiction
Subjects: Healthcare, Illness, medicine, Nursing

Plants, Poisons & Personalities

Take a look around your garden. Did you know that most likely many of those plants do not originate from this country? How did they get here? Which plants have drug-like or aphrodisiac qualities and can be used for medicinal (or perhaps poisonous) purposes? This book is a collection of essays about plants, their histories,…

Genre: Gardening, Horticulture, Librario, Non-fiction
Subjects: aphrodisiac, medicine, Plants, Poison