Verse of the Mummy

Sally Cass has burst onto the scene with her hilarious new poetry book. Terrible two-year-olds, sulky teenagers, pets, pregnancy, PMT – nothing is safe from the pithy pen and acerbic wit of Sally Cass. She writes about what she sees and the situations in which she finds herself. Her poems are unflinching observations of family…

Genre: Librario, Poetry
Subjects: Humour
Illustrated by Melvin Hatcher

Yeti on the Loose

Yeti on the Loose is a rampaging, rip-roaring, flower-munching, chimpanzee’s tea party of a book, where there’s never a minute to get your breath and always a big disaster about to strike! Argh! There’s something in the cellar! Jumping Anacondas! Something is afoot at Waldorf Crescent, Chutney. And a heckuva big foot it is too. Brian…

Genre: Animals, Humour, Strident
Subjects: Acceptance, Comedy, Humour, Yeti
Illustrated by Lawrence Mann

This Is What I Look Like

From Traffic & Travel to Lulu, Andy Williams & Glen Campbell…via Beechgrove & the BBC Comedy Unit. Joyful, hilarious tales from one of Scotland’s best known voices – the antidote to misery memoirs. “It’s fun being me. Loads of people know what I sound like, but hardly anyone recognises me.” Theresa Talbot – ‘TT’ to many…

Genre: Celebrity, Humour, Memoir, Non-fiction, Strident
Subjects: Andy Williams, BBC, Beechgrove, Chickens, Christmas, Comedy, Family, Gardening, Glasgow, Glen Campbell, Humour, Journey, Lulu, Radio, Scotland, self-awareness, traffic, travel

Lee’s Holiday Showdown

Nothing is ever straightforward when Lee is around! Not even a summer holiday in Spain… It ought to be a case of lazing by the pool, but Lee is soon spying on dodgy men in shiny suits and sunglasses, battling with a family that seems determined to ruin everyone’s holiday and haranguing horrendous holiday reps.…

Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Humour, Strident
Series: Lee | Subjects: Comedy, crime, Family, Humour, Journey, Spain, travel

Lee on the Dark Side of the Moon

Lee has won the chance to be The First Child In Space. It’s amazing what you can win these days by filling in a form on the back of a cereal packet! Under the command of Captain Slogg, and with Sports Bob at the controls, Lee blasts off for the Moon on the trip of…

Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Humour, Space, Strident
Series: Lee | Subjects: Comedy, gravity, Humour, Journey, Moon, orbit, space, travel

Lee Goes for Gold

Meeting his dad’s multizillionaire employer inspires ten-year-old Lee to come up with a brilliant get-rich-quick scheme of his own. But not everyone is keen for Lee to succeed. Local shopkeep­er Panface certainly isn’t, and it seems that he has sneaky spies out there, trying to ruin Lee’s plans. Will Lee overcome those out to stop…

Genre: Adventure, Business, Fiction, Humour, Strident
Series: Lee | Subjects: Business, Humour

Lee & the Consul Mutants

Read: Lee and the Consul Mutants extract – chapter 2 or Lee and the Consul Mutants extract – chapter 2 Former No. 1 in The Herald’s Children’s Bestsellers chart. It’s not every day that a part of your body explodes. But ten-year-old Lee’s appendix does just that, landing him in hospital. After his operation, Lee discovers that being in…

Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Humour, Strident
Series: Lee | Subjects: Alients, Comedy, Health, Hospital, Humour, mutants

Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher

Branford Boase shortlistImagine if your mother was a witch! ‘Jessica thought for the thousandth time it was a terrible nuisance having a witch for a mother. Other people’s mothers had sensible hobbies. They did not go around pretending they could charm warts, or offer potions for ingrowing toe-nails. Nor did they dress up in long black…

Genre: Coming of Age, Existential, Fiction, Modern classic, Morality tales, Strident
Subjects: belief, Family, Humour, Science, witches
Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark