For the first time well known Scottish cartoonist, Creswell, has published a book of her best-selling cartoons. Today, many a Creswell cartoon hangs in the smallest room and elsewhere. Her depiction of Scottish country life not only captures the stereotypical view of Highlanders at home and at play, but always there is more than a…

Genre: Cartoon, Librario, Scotland
Subjects: country life, countryside, Creswell, Highlanders, Scottish Field, The Herald

The Story of the Lovat Scouts: 1900-1980 (with contributions to 2000)

This unique Regiment of Scouts was raised by Lord Lovat in 1900, mainly from Highland stalkers. Valiant, hardy and unorthodox, they and their successors distinguished themselves in two world wars. In a variety of roles they were always superb in fieldcraft, spying and reconnaissance. Today the Lovat Scouts cap badge is proudly worn by the…

Genre: Librario, Military History, Non-fiction, Scotland, Scottish history
Subjects: Army Cadet Force, Highlanders, Lord Lovat, Lovat Scouts, Northern Isles, Orkney Independent Cadet Battery, Royal Company of Archers, World War I, World War II