The Pioneer Flying Achievements of Preston Watson

AviationDundeeflyingOtto LillienthalPercy PilcherScotlandWright brothersAt the turn of the nineteenth century, what was to become the aviation industry was the preserve of a few enthusiastic amateurs whose ambition to be the first to fly like the birds bordered on obsession.  The Wright brothers in America, Otto Lillienthal, Percy Pilcher and others had brought matters to the cusp of success. Preston…

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Death On Small Wings: Memoirs Of A Presidential Pilot

With a foreword by John Simpson CBE. In 1972 Neville Atkinson left a career as a night fighter pilot in the Royal Navy to take up a position as personal pilot to The President of Libya, Col Gadaffi. During the next ten years his role was to fly The President, Government Ministers and many world…

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