From The Far Haaf to the Sma’ Half

Life on the Shetland Isles in the 19th century was harsh and unforgiving. Crippling tenancy agreements, poor living conditions and ferocious weather forced many families to wave goodbye to their children who left in search of a better way of life on the mainland. This book tells the story of one such family. It offers…

Genre: Librario, Non-fiction, Scottish history
Subjects: Business, crofting, Shetland, whiskey

Lee Goes for Gold

Meeting his dad’s multizillionaire employer inspires ten-year-old Lee to come up with a brilliant get-rich-quick scheme of his own. But not everyone is keen for Lee to succeed. Local shopkeep­er Panface certainly isn’t, and it seems that he has sneaky spies out there, trying to ruin Lee’s plans. Will Lee overcome those out to stop…

Genre: Adventure, Business, Fiction, Humour, Strident
Series: Lee | Subjects: Business, Humour