Strident has proposed long-overdue changes to the way Creative Scotland approaches funding.

To date, we are the only publisher to have contributed to the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Trade, Europe & External Affairs (CTEEA) Committee’s Arts Funding Inquiry.

Here’s our full submission. If Scotland’s literature scene interests you – whether as an author, publisher, blogger or festival programmer – we encourage you to read it.

Our key proposals include that Creative Scotland should:

  • adopt a new remitto curate a creative ecosystem from which high-quality work emerges sustainably – and assess against it;
  • only fund applicants who NEED funding;
  • accept that there comes a point at which applicants have had their fair share;
  • publish annual sector funding analyses, including aggregates of funding, so it is clear who has been favoured and to what extent (Creative Scotland ignores all previous funding (as well as ignoring need) when considering applications, making it the gift that never stops giving for its most-funded publishers);
  • insist that applicants comply with the law; and
  • deny/recover funding where there is a conflict of interest.

We made exactly these points to Creative Scotland leadership fully 2 years ago. The sector knows Creative Scotland needs to change. Creative Scotland’s staff know it needs to change. It hasn’t changed. Why?