Organisations use our editorial, design and layout experience to produce their own books, reports and other materials, making the most of the skills we utilise in trade publishing.

For example:

  • a charity or social enterprise might want to monetise knowledge it has (e.g. articles) by producing a book/pamphlet (perhaps also seeing this as a form of marketing);
  • a business might want to create a book as a gift or a booklet or part of a lobbying campaign or pitch;
  • a school might want to create its own book, with stories by pupils/teachers/parents; or
  • a public body might want to produce a report for circulation.

Where there is commercial potential, projects can sometimes be partnerships. E.g. we might offer a publication to the wholesale/retail book trade at the same time as the client uses it for their own specific purpose.

We apply the same editorial and production standards to all of our output, regardless of whether it bears our name or that of a client.

Our service can take many forms:

  • writing annual reports, books or other materials; and/or
  • editing work that has already been written; and/or
  • proofing prior to publication; and/or
  • designing the materials; and/or
  • typesetting; and/or
  • creating print-ready files; and/or
  • organising printing – using our experience to ensure appropriate paper stock is used and that you don’t needlessly over-spec.

We will happily to discuss any project from which our expertise and experience might potentially benefit.