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Release date: 21 January 2016


Strident and Olida reach agreement on integration of lists

Strident Publishing and Olida announce today that they have agreed terms that will enable Olida’s authors to integrate their titles into Strident Publishing’s list.

Olida and Strident’s lists both comprise adult and children’s fiction, as well as some non-fiction titles. BookSource will distribute all of the titles on the combined list, with the integration process expected to begin shortly.

Strident’s list includes several award-winning titles as well as many that have been short- or long-listed. Its authors include Kirkland Ciccone (YA, winner of the Catalyst Book Award for Conjuring The Infiite), Emma Barnes (7+, winner of the Fantastic Book Awards for Wolfie), Matt Cartney (10+, Danny Lansing Adventures series) and BBC broadcaster Theresa Talbot (adult crime, Penance).

Strident’s publisher, Keith Charters, said, ‘There is a good fit between our lists – we share an author and have the same distributor in BookSource. Our intention is that it is business as usual for all involved, and in due course we hope to bring additional reach for Olida’s titles and their authors.’

Olida’s Allan Sneddon, who is retiring from publishing to focus on his other interests, said, ‘Strident is a natural home for Olida’s authors. Strident has a strong editorial reputation – I’m sure Keith Charters won’t mind me saying that he’s something of a perfectionist on that front. I’m sure new titles will emerge as a result of this initiative and I’m looking forward to enjoying those as a normal reader for once. Publishers don’t get to read many published books – we’re too busy reading unpublished work!’


Click on this link if you wish to download the full media release (pdf): Strident and Olida reach agreement on integration of lists