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This week it’s Bristol’s turn to be entertained and educated by Sam Wilding, with Ayrshire, Northern Ireland and Berwickshire to follow in the next few weeks.

There’s great interest in this page-turning adventure from Sam. It’s partly the intrigue of the plot and the quality of the storytelling, but it’s also because it’s backdrop is the sometimes controversial subject of wind farms. We know teachers can find this topic tricky because they want to avoid being seen as partisan. Windscape helps enormously by fictionalising the scenario and skillfully conveying both sides of the argument. It’s a springboard for discussion.

A few wind farms – including the huge one we can see from our HQ – have visitor centres, and many of those have bookshops. What better title for them to stock.

Sam visits loads of schools and libraries. If you’d like him to visit yours, drop us a line ( and we’ll pass your details to him.