Yeti on the Loose


Category: ISBN: 9781905537631


Yeti on the Loose is a rampaging, rip-roaring, flower-munching, chimpanzee’s tea party of a book, where there’s never a minute to get your breath and always a big disaster about to strike!

Argh! There’s something in the cellar!

Jumping Anacondas! Something is afoot at Waldorf Crescent, Chutney. And a heckuva big foot it is too.

Brian and his sister Pippa’s lives are turned upside down when their explorer uncle returns from Nepal. He’s big and loud and hairy, like an orang-utan in a safari suit.

He arrives with a huge wooden trunk. What’s inside is a BIG secret. He locks it in the cellar and hides the key. It isn’t long before the smell of dung wafts through the house, together with strange howling noises.

Brian and Pippa hatch a plan, and once it’s let loose it will change their lives forever.

Yeti rear cover