Witness To The Last Years of the Raj


Category: ISBN: 9781904440888


Ronald (Ronnie) Perkin recalls his memories of the closing years of the British Empire and to the events leading up to it as far as he personally was concerned. After passing out from Sandhurst he joined the Indian Army and fought in many campaigns including the Eritrean, the Western Desert, the Tunisian and Italian campaigns and the long and bitter confrontation at Monte Cassino.

After the War the author commanded his parachute battalion in the Punjab Boundary Force during the terrible holocaust that was the partition of India and Pakistan. On the dissolution of the Indian Army (as far as the British officers were concerned) he became a District Officer in Northern Rhodesia before re-enlisting in the Malay Regiment. For the next three years Ronnie commanded a company in the dense jungle, seeking out the roving bands of Communist Terrorists who were aiming to take over the administration.

This short this biography belies the story of courage and bravery which Ronald Perkin recounts so modestly and in such a factual manner.Last Years Of The Raj rear cover