Voice In The Mist (Rebecca McOwan, teenage sleuth, book 1)


Category: ISBN: 9781904440833


On the rugged coast of Knoydart in the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, a fierce storm was raging. A beautiful young woman in a crimson dress was stumbling along a high jagged cliff top, her face stricken with fear.

Centuries old, the mystery of Rebecca, the woman in the crimson dress comes to haunt modern day Rebecca, a teenager facing the long summer holidays with her uncle at his castle. The boring holiday away from her lively friends takes a menacing turn when Rebecca finds herself caught up in a sinister mix of mystery and legend after finding The Personal Journal of Rebecca McOwan. The diary of her namesake draws her into ever-increasing danger as she has to confront the supernatural whilst facing the very modern threat from vicious art thieves.

Set against the rugged landscape of the west coast of Scotland the story grips the reader from its tragic opening centuries before to its dramatic modern-day climax.