The Story of the Lovat Scouts: 1900-1980 (with contributions to 2000)


Category: ISBN: 9781904440031


This unique Regiment of Scouts was raised by Lord Lovat in 1900, mainly from Highland stalkers. Valiant, hardy and unorthodox, they and their successors distinguished themselves in two world wars. In a variety of roles they were always superb in fieldcraft, spying and reconnaissance.

Today the Lovat Scouts cap badge is proudly worn by the Orkney Independent Cadet Battery of the Army Cadet Force.

The Lovat Scouts story is told for the first time with eye-witness accounts of their exciting exploits and also of many strange and amusing incidents. Written with realism, humour and affection, this book is a living contribution to Highland and military history.


Michael Ian Leslie Melville, 1918-1997, was educated at Eton, read Agriculture at Balliol, and served in the Lovat Scouts from 1936 to 1951. A Chartered Surveyor, he managed land from the Highlands to the Borders and farmed near Selkirk. He married Cynthia Hambro and had three children and five grandchildren. Mike was a countryman who loved Scotland, had a keen knowledge of trees and birds, and involved himself in all field sports. He was a deputy lieutenant for Ettrick and Lauderdale and a Member of the Royal Company of Archers.