The Story Of Nethy Bridge


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Whether you live in Nethy Bridge or are a visitor, this is the book for you.

In 1810, Thomas Telford the famous Scottish engineer, designed the bridge over the river Nethy thus giving a name and easy access to the scattered settlement sheltering in the shadow of the Cairngorm mountains. Nethy Bridge, one of the most scenic villages in the Highlands has since become a mecca for tourists, sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts.

The author, Jane Macaulay was born in the village and is the fifth generation of her family to live there. She has drawn on local archives as well as many conversations with members of the community to produce this history . She relates how changes in land ownership, the influence of two world wars, the coming of the railway and the influx of new families have all played their part in its development.

Like all villages, change is endemic. As she writes: ‘One thing is certain: we can’t go back, but we can move forward without forgetting all the things that make up our heritage.’

A masterly work teasing out local history that would otherwise be overlooked.

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ISBN 9781909238053

Paperback, 126 pages, colour illustrations