The Shamba Raiders: Memories of a Game Warden


Category: ISBN: 9781904440376


Highly acclaimed, The Shamba Raiders is one man’s fascinating account of the eternal struggle to preserve East Africa’s herds of game which were – and still are- increasingly threatened by modern civilization, poaching, war and the economic and political changes which swept Africa during the middle of the last century.

Bruce Kinloch is probably the best man to recount this tale, being one of the few people to have had such an influence on the conservation of Africa’s great herds of wild game. During his unique career, which included the posts of Chief Game Warden of Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi, his advice was sought and valued as the innovative authority on Wild Life Management. But his greatest contribution to Conservation is undoubtedly the founding of the College of African Wildlife Management on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, which has to date trained some thousands of pupils from all over the world to become game wardens.

In The Shamba Raiders, Bruce Kinloch tells a fascinating story of the efforts to retain Africa’s wildlife heritage. Ivory poachers, devious middlemen, uncaring and bigoted officials all add to a game warden’s worries, apart from the need to safeguard the crops and livelihood of the indigenous population. Throughout, the scene is dominated by the African elephant – Bruce is fascinated by these magnificent animals which command his greatest love, admiration and respect.

He writes with, humour and a quiet authority and the assurance of a man who has no need to prove himself on his subject. His vivid descriptions of encounters with rogue elephants, buffalo and other dangerous animals thrill the imagination -just as much as his tales of fishing for the giant Nile perch.