The Molecule Man (Naomi Nicholas trilogy, book 2)


Category: ISBN: 9781904440963


David CrigmanA legal thriller exploding with intrigue and treachery.

Compelling, fast moving and deadly. The second volume in the Naomi Nicholas trilogy following the success of What’s Truth Got to do With It? – see you in court!

Naomi Nicholas, newly promoted QC, is retained for the Prosecution in the trial of a Government hatchet man whose acquittal is vital to the Home Secretary’s survival. Facing her is the brilliant, bullying and unscrupulous Ronan Cadogan, veteran of many courtroom dramas, who is determined to humiliate Naomi. Meanwhile, the sinister Special Branch Commander heads the operation to ensure the Government remains in office. In the crucible of the Old Bailey, amidst the sweet stench of political scandal, Naomi Nicholas meets ‘The Molecule Man’. Or does she?

A practising QC specialising in criminal cases he thrusts the acrid atmosphere of court life squarely before his readers.