The Memoirs Of Emily Loch: Discretion In Waiting;


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Rear coverThe end of an era seen through the eyes of a lady-in-waiting.

This particular lady-in-waiting, Emily Loch, came to know Alix, Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, who became Alexandra the last Tsarina of Russia, from her early years.

Emily was associated with the family of Helena, Princess Christian, Queen Victoria’s fifth child and, was lady-in-waiting to Princess Christian from 1883 until the princess’ death in 1923. During these years Emily kept a diary recording daily events, both important and trivial, which together build up a picture of life in and around the courts of England and Germany during the end of the Victorian era.

Emily Loch’s friend ship with the future Tsarina grew through visits to the Hesse family in Germany and when they visited their grandmother, Queen Victoria, in England and Scotland.

During the winter months of 1897- 1898 Emily accompanied Princess Helena (Thora), Princess Christian’s eldest daughter, on a visit to Tsar Nicholas and The Tsarina in Russia. Her friendship with the Imperial Royal Family is reflected in the many letters, cards and gifts that they exchanged until early 1917. The author, a great great-niece of Emily, has masterfully edited Emily Loch’s diaries to give us a unique insight into the close family relationship and life at court during this important period of history.