The Hangman’s Fracture


Category: ISBN: 9781906775247


Justice at the end of a rope? Or state-sanctioned murder?

“As the prisoner felt the hangman’s fingers position the noose tightly beneath his left jaw he screamed to some obscure deity to save him before vomiting into the cloying white linen of the hood encasing his head. Men with cold hearts and dead eyes buried him in an unmarked grave inside the prison walls. Even his spirit in eternity was incarcerated unless the truth was ever allowed to set him free.”

A gripping story of how the gallows took a man’s life. It destroyed the life of the barrister who defended him and threatened the generation that followed.

The steely determination of the barrister’s beautiful daughter leads her from rural Somerset to the South Pacific where she meets the dark, brooding Australian whose history held a secret so dreadful that not even he knew what it was. Together they take on the English Establishment and seek to expose truths that Judges and the Ruling Classes had kept buried for over a quarter of a century. This is the story of their battle, their romance and their realization that history just might repeat itself, culminating in a brutal courtroom drama which will decide whether justice can ever be found at the end of a rope.

David Crigman’s fourth fast-moving and chilling legal thriller takes the reader into sinister corners where others choose not to tread.