The Enchanted Riddle


Category: ISBN: 9781905537334



Thirteen years ago baby Daphne was found outside London’s all-girl Orphanage of St Jude. Insecure and emotionally guarded she has grown up longing to fulfil two dreams: to discover her family; and to become a star ballerina.

When she receives from an anonymous sender a book containing a tantalising riddle and a magical pair of stockings her dreams of glory and fame are suddenly within her grasp.

Bravely and ingeniously following each dangerous magical clue, Daphne soon realises that in the competitive world of ballet discipline and physical hardship are not the only challenges she must face.

Daphne is poised to win an audition for the Ballet Splendide in Paris. But will the magic be enough to help her overcome the scheming of others, as well as her own childhood demons?


Pub date: July 2012
£6.99 B-format paperback
ISBN: 978-1-905537-33-4
Format: B- format pp
Extent: 280pp
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation