Take Heart: A guide to coping with cardiac surgery for patients and their families


Category: ISBN: 9781906775452


Time spent on a waiting list, however, short is a very stressful period when loneliness and worry may bedevil everyone concerned. Often there is a feeling that everything is out of one’s hands and nothing can be done to help. There is a very great deal that both patient and family can do to help themselves before and after the operation, not least to understand what is happening.

Take Heart is a self-help book, which offers practical advice and support to future patients and their families. Mairi MacLaughlan has been there herself. Her experience and advice, and that of a host of other patients from all over the world, are brought together in this invaluable book.


‘The simplicity of this extremely successful little book with its direct cheerful tone, together with all the useful information it provides about sources of further information, made me wonder why it is that the Government appears at present to be so anxious about ensuring patient involvement with all aspects of NHS practice, leading to the setting up of Patients’ Forums and the like. What is needed is not formal bodies like Patients’ Forums with their minutes and subcommittees and all the other paraphernalia so popular in today’s highly structured Harvard Business School influenced NHS, but access to clear unvarnished patient opinion at source.’

(Claire Rayner, BMJ)

‘I would recommend the book as a useful tool for patients seeking further information.’

(Elizabeth Kent, The Nursing Standard)