Stable of Touts


Category: ISBN: 9781907354397


Jimmy isn’t a cop for too long before he is exposed to the class system in the Police service. He quickly finds that there is an obligation to be subservient to your so called ‘betters’ – calling them ‘sir and saluting even if you don’t respect them.

The only way round this for Jimmy is to get rid of the uniform and become a CID detective.

His experiences expose him to active criminals and equipped him with a listening ear. Those skills, and his belief in social equality, mean he is able to speak to ‘neds’ and it isn’t long before he is recruiting touts to his stable.

Jimmy loves it. He even manages to get promoted to Detective Inspector. It seems that promotion on merit is possible after all.

Then he witnesses one of his bosses assaulting an inexperienced senior officer. Wary of grassing up is boss, Jimmy decides not to give evidence.

By now his career has come to a standstill and his internal enemies had multiplied. Undeterred, he continues to recruit touts and solve serious crimes. But he’s going nowhere now. He knows that the assaulted senior officer will never forgive him and will always be an obstacle to promotion.

When Jimmy’s sources make him aware of some skeletons in the officer’s cupboard, he decides to use some of his stable of touts to ensure he will be ‘pulled up’ permanently.


Extent: 256pp