Scotland’s Heroes, Rembered & Forgotten


Category: ISBN: 9781904440871


Scotland Heroes rear coverIn this book, filled with colourful figures past and present, John Lindsey reveals the background of the many personalities honoured with a statue in their own country.

With great historical accuracy and humour he takes the reader on a journey across Scotland, disclosing little-known facts about the figures of William Wallace, Andrew Carnegie as well as such stalwarts as Desperate Dan and Grey Friars Bobby.

Some names are here you might not expect to find. They include a dog, a cow, a women doctor who spent her whole life convincing everyone she was a man, and a ‘hero’ who would now probably be imprisoned for cruelty.

In Robert Burns, Scotland has a man honoured with more statues world-wide than perhaps any other figure, certainly any other poet.

Scottish Heroes is essential reading for anyone interested in Scottish history and the personalities who had such an influence in their native land and further afield. Its geographical layout makes it easy for the traveller to use as a reference book.

How many times have we said, ‘I wonder who the statue is to?’