Red, White & Black


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For 65 years, the wreckage of an aeroplane has lain scattered on a remote Norwegian mountainside – a poignant and lonely memorial to the failure of its clandestine wartime mission.

But when Danny and his uncle, Angus, discover that secret wartime documents are rumoured to have been within the plane, they decide they must investigate. A terrifying chain of events is set in motion that could spell disaster for thousands of people!

Danny and Angus’s investigation takes them from the freezing wastes of Norway to the high peaks of the Alps and on into the heart of Poland.

What is the connection between the aeroplane and the extremist ‘Adler Kommando’? What is their repulsive leader planning? Who is the mysterious ‘Agent’ and what service is he expected to provide?

The closer they get to the answers, the more horrified they become…

The Danny Lansing Adventures – Book 2

Publication date: July 2012
ISBN: 978-1-905537-34-1
RRP: £6.99
Format: B-format pb
Extent: 256pp
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation