No Lying Quiet


Category: ISBN: 9781906775988


The year is 2000 and aunt Lily’s death is more than an occasion for family sorrow. Lily’s wartime past conceals a tale of violence and deception which becomes all the more threatening with her passing. As Jim Riach, her nephew, uncovers the clues to her life he is  confronted, by Guthrie, the malevolent Glasgow underworld boss who is bent on destroying Jim’s family.

Jim finds more secrets buried generations-deep in both Scotland and Nova Scotia, to which his forebear Roderick Mackay had fled in 1773 after breaking out of Inverness jail. Life in the new territories was hard and the loss of an important Native American artefact seemed to place a curse on the family which Jim now sets out to lift. Ancient lore and modern greed collide with explosive results on both sides of the Atlantic.