McBurnie’s Awakening


Category: ISBN: 9781907354359


When DI Jimmy McBurnie is knocked back for promotion he is sure he is being ‘black balled’ for denying he witnessed his DCI assault an inexperienced senior officer.

He can only take his mind off what he sees as injustice by becoming even more obsessed with his work. Utilising his stable of touts – the informants he has cultivated all his working life – he investigates abduction and extortion, armed robbery, organised crime, protection rackets and drug rings.

Jimmy’s work ethic, and the manner in which he deals with one particular incident, leaves him feeling he has ‘tholed his assize’ with the bosses. But will that mean he is finally a contender for promotion?


Pub date: Feb 2015
ISBN: 9781907354359
RRP: £7.99
Format: B- format pb
Extent: 410pp
Rights available: Translation & English excluding UK