In Death We Trust (Naomi Nicholas trilogy, book 3)


Category: ISBN: 9781906775117


David CrigmanA pulsating legal thriller. The courtroom as it really is.

David Crigman’s third novel in the trilogy finds the beautiful Naomi Nicholas QC appearing with her adversary, the imposing, bullying and brilliant Ronan Cadogan QC who will use every to win his case.

When the headless and mutilated body of Ray Millard, a ruthless and feared player in London’s underworld is identified by his girlfriend, the suspect has to be Pal Locke who was set up by Millard for a fourteen-year stretch. Just one problem – Locke has been certified dead in Mexico.

DI Jake Kemper and Det. Danny Rose arrest two suspects, Susan and Phil Vance and charge them with Ray’s murder. While they are certain Vance and Locke are the same person the evidence cannot support this. At the trial, before Mr Justice Bellinger, Naomi Nicholas and Ronan Cadogan are retained to defend the accused while effete womanizer Luther Farlow opens for the prosecution. With long-standing enmity between the Judge and Cadogan, the electric tension of the court is further heightened as the case twists and turns when the evidence is revealed.

The outcome grips the reader to the very end.