For the Good of the Cause


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For The Good of the Cause explodes the romanticism of The Skye Boat Song in a bold fictionalisation of the events that inspired it. It gives an insight into why people follow leaders…sometimes regardless of their flaws.

Young Flora MacDonald is no Jacobite rebel. Nor is she an admirer of the Jacobites’ fugitive leader, Bonnie Prince Charlie, despite her father’s involvement in the cause.

When the dishevelled prince turns up at her family’s home, hunted by government troops following the failure of the 1745 uprising, Flora witnesses his darker side.

Despite this, she agrees to help him try to escape the pursuing soldiers…and summary execution.

During the escape attempt, Flora comes to understand what fuelled the Jacobite rebellion…and what ultimately led to its disastrous conclusion at the Battle of Culloden.

Publication Date: March 2014
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-905537-62-4, RRP: £6.99, 120pp
Ebook: eISBN 978-1-905537-70-9
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation