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(DarkIsle trilogy, book 1)

For 10-year-old Morag, there’s nothing magical about the cellar of her cruel foster parents’ home. But that’s where she meets Aldiss, a talking rat, and his resourceful companion, Bertie the dodo. She jumps at the chance to run away and join them on their race against time to save their homeland from an evil warlock named Devlish, who is intent on destroying it. But first, Bertie and Aldiss will need to stop bickering long enough to free the only guide who knows where to find Devlish: Shona, a dragon who’s been turned to stone.

Together, these four friends begin their journey to a mysterious dark island beyond the horizon, where danger and glory await – along with clues to the disappearance of Morag’s parents, whose destiny seems somehow linked to her own…

Terrifying, touching and funny, DarkIsle is a vivid and fast-paced novel of captivating originality

The DarkIsle series was inspired by this huge stone dragon that overlooks Irvine Beach on Scotland’s west coast.

Dragon on Irvine Beach

Pub Date: April ‘08
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Extent: 288pp
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