DarkIsle: Resurrection


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Book 2 in the trilogy begun by Scottish Children’s Book-winner DarkIsle.

Two months after she saved The Eye of Lornish, Morag is adjusting to life in the secret northern kingdom of Marnoch Mor.

But dark dreams are troubling her and a spate of unexplained events prove that even with the protection of her friends—Shona the dragon, Bertie the dodo and Aldiss the rat—Morag is still not safe from harm…

The DarkIsle series was inspired by a huge stone dragon that overlooks Irvine Beach on Scotland’s west coast.

Dragon on Irvine Beach

Release Date: August 2010

RRP: £6.99

Format: B-format pb

Extent: 288pp

Rights sold: US, Canada, France, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain