Claw Of The Eagle


Category: ISBN: 9780954296056


The Sea Empress, a vast and imposing oil rig, strands dominant waters off Scotland’s East Coast. It is seen as a political coup and economic boost for the recently devolved and fledgling government, however a far more ominous reason lies behind its arrival in Scottish waters. It is owned by Kurdish terrorist and millionaire Zak Hussey, a man intent on securing freedom for his people against Iranian oppressors at any cost. Together with a loyal band of followers led by the ruthless and calculating Assan Hamadan, Hussey embarks on an international campaign of terror using and unsuspecting Scottish people as pawns in the game. Standing between the terrorist and their goal is the Scottish Special Services Office and its brilliant but unpredictable Assistant Director Ian Strachan.

Hamish Cowan’s powerful second novel is set against the early days of devolution in Scotland and paints a sinister picture of the volatile world in which we live, where drug dealers and terrorists hold power over governments and politicians.