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The 2nd book in The Peck Chronicles…

The Hedra wizard Dendralon sees the impending destruction of Denthan as an opportunity to increase his power.

James Peck is intent on stopping him. He needs to journey to the Eden Tree, deep in the Forest of Eldane. If he can find the goldfish-wizard Mendel and use the Talisman, there may be a chance to stop Dendralon.

Eldane is full of danger, including Mertols and giant Trolls. Right now, though, James has to focus on his mortally-wounded best friend Craig…and on finding his own father before it is too late..

Can he save those closest to him and save Denthan from Dendralon’s evil?

So fast-paced that your heart will pound long after you turn the final page.

Release Date: 3 March 2016
ISBN: 9781910829042
RRP: £6.99
Format: B-format pb
Extent: 240pp
Ages: 9+
Rights available: translation; English, excluding UK & Ireland
BIC codes: YFH/YFC    Qualifier: 5AK
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