Bree McCready & The Flame of Irenus


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Eight months after her death-defying escape from Castle Zarcalat, Bree McCready thinks she’s seen the last of the half-heart locket and the dangerous magical book that goes with it…until Honey’s kid sister, Mimi, disappears. Faced with a bone-crunching race against time to rescue Mimi, Bree must rely on her friends more than ever.

Soon they are crossing a land divided by centuries of misunderstanding. Its citizens have been fooled into thinking that The Flame of Irenus at Castle Zarcalat will bring peace, when in fact its flames are fanning hatred. Realizing they must extinguish it, the three friends set off, but are faced with many obstacles—riddles and creatures, old enemies and passages. The magical book can help them successfully complete their journey by providing seven wishes, but only if it stays in Bree’s hands.

Bree saved the world once before…saving her friendships might not be as easy…

Bree McCready Trilogy – Book 2

Release Date: October 2010
RRP: £6.99
Format: B-format pb
Extent: 352pp
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation