Bloodstone – (Rebel Angels, book 2)


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We shouldn’t be here. We said we’d never cross the Veil, that we wouldn’t come home till we found the Stone. But we’d given no oath. So we lied. So what? As if we could live without breathing our own air once a decade. Kate NicNiven must know that as well as we did. But if our queen wanted to kill us, she’d have to find us first…

For centuries, Seth and Conal have hunted for the Bloodstone Kate wants, without success. Homesick, and determined to ensure their clann’s safety, they’ve also made secret forays across the Veil. One of these illicit crossings has violent consequences that will devastate both their close family and, eventually, their entire clann.

In the otherworld, Jed Cameron – a feral, fullmortal young thief – becomes entangled with the strange and dangerous Finn MacAngus and her shadowy uncles. When he is dragged accidentally into the world of the Sithe, it’s nothing he can’t handle – but that’s before time warps around him, and the danger reaches out to threaten his infant brother. In the collision of two worlds, conflict and tragedy are inevitable – especially when treachery comes from the most shocking of quarters.

Pub date:  August 2011 
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Format: B- format pb
Extent: 432pp
Rights available: English, excl; UK translation