Bad Faith


Category: ISBN: 9781905537082


Life’s easy for Cassandra. The privileged daughter of a rector, she’s been protected from the extremist gangs who enforce the One Church’s will.

Her boyfriend Ming is a bad influence, of course, with infidel parents who are constantly in trouble with the religious authorities. But Cass has no intention of letting their different backgrounds drive them apart.

Then they stumble across a corpse. What killed him? How did his body end up in their secret childhood haunt? And is this man’s death connected to other, older murders?

As the political atmosphere grows feverish, Cass realises she and Ming face extreme danger.

The scene is set for a murderously sinister dystopian satire.

Pub Date: October ‘08
RRP: £6.99
Format: B-format pb
Extent: 256pp
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation