Ancient River Bending: Through India To The Source Of The Ganges


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Category: ISBN: 9781904440253


The Ancient River, the Ganges, holds a physical and mystical fascination for all who visit India. Travellers over the centuries have been drawn to its sacred waters and many westerners have attempted to describe the river which itself symbolises the enigma that is India.

Charles Clark records his journey to the source of the Ganges in a way which highlights the spirituality of the people, and the often harsh way of life, which is so intriguing to outsiders. The river and magnificent scenery feature as a matter of course but the soul of India is embodied by the people, both local and fellow travellers, whom he meets along the way. His uncluttered descriptions and conversations leave readers to form their own opinions.

Charles Clark’s journey begins in Delhi and takes him to the river’s source at Gaumukh some 15,000ft up in the Himalayas, close to the Tibetan border. One is left with a sense of awe and admiration for the inhabitants of this diverse country.

Undoubtedly, the author will return to India and one rather hopes he will again meet many of the many Gurus and Holy Men, just to see how they are getting on and to continue his conversations!