Almost A Hero


Category: ISBN: 9781906775490


cover back002Almost A Hero is the personal account of an ordinary private in the Royal Marines, detailing his experiences from the abortive attempt to halt the German invasion in Crete in 1941, to his subsequent four year incarceration in a German prisoner of war camp.

Alex Clark spent most of his war not having the faintest clue about what was going on around him, or why. His story, told without the benefit of hindsight or reference to military strategy, strongly evokes his feelings at the time: confusion, terror, uncertainty. He tells it with surprising clarity, as if it happened yesterday, and with enormous humility and humour.

The foreword by His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, indicates its historical value. ‘It was only after reading this account that I discovered what happened to those who could not be evacuated’.