Admiral Edward Russell & The Rise of British Naval Supremacy


Category: ISBN: 9781904440611


back cover027For many people the name of Edward Russell (1653 – 1727) strikes few chords of recognition, even though his influence on naval history can scarcely be overestimated.

In this first book devoted to Admiral Russell, David West brings us the background and achievements of a man without whom the course o f British History would have been very different.

At the age of 38, Edward Russell raised his flag as Commander-in-Chief of the English Fleet and set in motion a chain of events that saw the rise of British Naval Supremacy around 100 years ahead of Nelson’s famous victory.

As Tom Pocock writes:

‘David West illuminates an overshadowed period of naval history, hitherto a dark age that has been as neglected as it is important. With his knowledge of the management of international and naval affairs, he describes how a now-forgotten admiral, Edward Russell, established lasting British maritime supremacy a century before Nelson. Russell became both Commander-in-Chief of the British fleet and First Sea Lord of the Admiralty; at sea, commanding three times as many ships as did Nelson at Trafalgar, he decisively defeated the French at Barfleur and La Hougue.

David West has performed a signal service for all who are enthralled by our maritime past and relish new discovery.’