A Vintage Port: Reflections on a Clydeside Childhood


Category: ISBN: 9781904440895


A Vintage Port rear coverJohn Brown (no relation to the shipyard owner) has produced in a vintage port a wonderfully nostalgic and humorous collection of memories and anecdotes from the forties and fifties.

A Vintage Port is filled with images of tenement life in Port Glasgow and descriptions of close-knit families and their camaraderie, where experiences include both simple pleasures and the often harsh working conditions of the shipyards.

John Brown will remind many readers of such delights as pre-Christmas visits to Glasgow and Fergusons in Union Street, and the magic of the festive season menagerie. Also recalled are the many youthful games, songs and play of the time.

The book evokes an affection for his upbringing on Clydeside not long after World War II, and is crammed full of the sights, sounds and smells of a time when life was very different and a basic sense of honour was present that is not often seen in the modern world.

This book is for enjoyment and experience, and reminds of a time when “stress” was nothing more than a word used in engineering science!