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Starrsha Glowglass’s face is on the front page of every newspaper after she survived a massacre that claimed her Brothers and Sisters. Can a videotape bring back the dead?

North of Porter


Teenager Porter Minter arrives in Castlecrankie in a car that has no door handles. In the boot is a suitcase. In the suitcase is a boy. In the boy is the future and the past.

Perhaps Porter and his scheming parents aren’t the town’s only new arrivals. Armed with his razor-sharp wit, Porter sets out to confront evil…and look fabulous.

Conjuring the Infinite


The Cottage is a care unit in the country for troubled teenagers chewed up by the system. Its residents are in mourning for their most popular resident, Seth Kevorkian – no ordinary teenager. Did his fixation with ‘conjuring the infinite’ drive someone to kill him?