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We’re big fans of the Teen Titles review magazine, and they’ve very kindly allowed us to reproduce this hilarious interview with The Supreme Master of Weirdness , a.k.a. Kirkland Ciccone.

Teen Titles Kirkland Ciccone interview

There are so many quotable lines. Our particular favourite involves Tracy Beaker, but then there’s the one about the cow…

There’s also a review (by teenagers, of course) of Kirkland’s award-winning debut, Conjuring The Infinite. They’ve put into words everything we’ve ever loved about this great novel.

You can catch Kirkland (and more weirdness) at the launch of his new novel, Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide To Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar, at Waterstones in Argyle Street, Glasgow, on Tuesday 22 October at 6.30pm.