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It’s a standing joke at Strident HQ that if there’s something mad in one of Kirkland Ciccone‘s ‘mondo weirdo’ YA novels you can bet your life it will pop up in real life.

There’s an Elvis impersonator in the brilliant¬†Endless Empress. He’s…dangerous. And as we were editing the book this BBC report popped up. An Elvis impersonator had been jailed for gun offences!

Now it’s happening again.

You may have heard/seen/read that it’s apparently been raining fish in Banff. Well, in Kirkland’s Catalyst Book Award winner¬†Conjuring The Infinite something equally slippery falls from the sky in a downpour. (Let’s just say you’ll be riveted if you read it…)

We’re not saying that Kirkland is responsible, but we are off to hum the X-Files tune…

cover_Adult_KirklandCiccone_ConjuringTheInfinite9781905537723Porter Cover launch3