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Thriller-writer Gordon Brown (not the former PM) will be previewing his new McIntyre novel Deepest Wounds on 21 Feb in Aberdeen. The joint event with Quentin Bates will be part of the Granite Noir Book Festival. Click here for event details and tickets.

Deepest Wounds is an explosive novel with sinister undertones. It’s fiction, but there’s something prescient about it given the new American political landscape.

You’ll want to read the first 2 McIntyre books – in order, Darkest Thoughts and Furthest Reaches – before Deepest Wounds. They’re as exciting as each other!

Gordon is a great entertainer – funny, insightful and generous with his advice. Along with Quentin, he’ll be discussing the differences between American and Scandi noir and doubtless comparing both with our homegrown output. Gordon is a Scot, but his McIntyre novels are set mostly in the US (though Scotland plays and important part in Deepest Wounds). Does knowing his readership will include Americans make a difference to what he writes and how he writes about it?

A great event lies in store.